My Never Ending Friend: The Art of Alexander Voitsekhovsky, Scotland-Russia Institute, 9 South College Street

The artist Alexander Voitsekhovsky’s work can be seen at the Scotland-Russia Institute, 9 South College Street.

There are two separate exhibitions.  One is upstairs where Alexander Petrovich Voitsekhovsky’s oil-painted, colourful pictures can be seen.  He is a graphic artist from Russia.  His endearing treatment of everyday life is tempered with irony introduced through elements of absurdity, fantasy and surprise.  He has had solo exhibitions in Russia, USA, Switzerland, France, Japan, Israel, England and now in Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival.

The other exhibition is downstairs.  The work of two Scottish lady artists from the Highlands of Scotland, Vicky Stonebridge and Allison Weightman are showing their brilliant paintings.  They were inspired by the poems of the Russian bard Vysotsky.

Vysotsky in Russia and Robert Burns in Scotland are the two Bards with one soul.

Tommy Beavitt, a Scottish singer, writer and translator was singing the Bard’s poems in Russian and English accompanied with guitar, this Russian tradition.

I liked the show and recommend it.


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