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Moscow State Circus, Ocean Terminal Site (9-21 August)

The noise, the excitement of the children and young at heart, the smell of popcorn and candy floss and the flashing lights fills the tent.

The soundtrack begins playing, the music complementing the acts.

A story of a search for treasure, which has been hidden in one of twelve chairs, loosely holds the show together.  The two clowns are looking for the chair.  While they are in the ring, the equipment is changed for the various acts of the acrobats, who perform in their glittering costumes.

There are so many brilliant acts.

A girl doing a hula hoop act suspended in a ring 40 feet in the air – men supporting long poles on their heads while girls balance and pose at the top and sides – jugglers on revolving platforms performing with great precision.  A skipping rope act, jumping and somersaulting and adding more ropes until they surround the ring – the aerialists gliding and swooping high above the ground – the high wire gymnasts balancing and doing splits high in the air – the double act, where a man is suspended by loops round his ankles and holds the girl with his hand or by a strap round his neck, while she twists and turns.

The last chair is seen high up and a tower is built placing the eleven chairs one above the other by one of the gymnasts until he reaches it. The treasure has been used to make the circus.

The finale was an exuberant performance by tumblers, who were joined by the rest of the company around the ring.