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Artlink Review Writing Project, Festival Theatre, Venue 244 July – September, 2011

There was a certain tension beneath the hearing-friendly welcome. Could Q, M and Moneypenny transform this motley crew into a band of intrepid reporters, skilled up to infiltrate the very heart of the Festival, and unleash reviews, set to influence arts accessibility for all hearing impaired folks?

No time to lose.  Within minutes of arrival, the seemingly innocent big green jotters distributed, M set the first task.  This was no namby pamby project – would the recruits stay the course, or shy away from those high hurdles?

Here’s what one ‘behind the ears’ reviewer had to say ….

‘We all kept coming because, quite quickly, we felt part of something bigger than the individual – we had a real chance to give feedback to venues and make a difference.  Yes, it was very challenging, getting out and about, working on finding the words to make our reviews say what we wanted them to say – but we had great leadership – people who knew what they were doing – and knew the motivating power of praise and encouragement.  Their excitement at how well the Postcard Reviews were being received was catching.  I loved the challenge of improving my writing – and enjoyed every workshop – the fun, the shared purpose.  I felt proud, too, of the scope and fluency of the reviews the group produced.  The website looked so professional.  A real confidence booster – and well worth following through with another project.’

So, Q and M – what next in your Masterplan for Arts Inclusivity?

Justice & Nationalism in a Global Village, Monday 15 August

Conversations with Kenny McAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Justice, & Dr Andrew McLellan CBE, Former Moderator of the Church of Scotland and Chief Inspector of Prisons.

This was an open conversation, question and answers on their lives from childhood to present day.  This was a very interesting presentation and highly informative.  The conversation was just delightful and both men were skilled with their answers and both had a good sense of humour.  Most enjoyable.